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"Temecula Valley Bank had been very successful in SBA lending but had little experience in USDA B&I lending. Knowing most banks never got the results they expected entering B&I lending we turned to Steve Alkana to train our staff and guide loan development. The results were immediate and beyond expectations: from zero B&I loans funded in 2005 we went to leading the nation in 2007.  Steve's ability to effectively communicate and apply the USDA B&I loan guarantee program yielded substantial and consistent returns for the Bank."

Wayne Wirth, SVP / SBA Department Manager, California Business Bank (Fmr. Sales Manager SBA Division Temecula Valley Bank)    
“Being a leading secondary market maker for Government guaranteed loans, we meet the diverse needs of many B&I lenders. We have established a very successful track record working with Steve and his group. They have an unsurpassed reputation of delivering quality loans.”

Joe Bergner, Managing Director, Government Guaranteed Loans & Securities, Coastal Securities

“No banker has been more committed to the success of the USDA B&I program in Oregon than Steve Alkana. We support the efforts of his group to bring B&I program benefits to more lenders and rural business owners."
Jeff Deiss, Director USDA B&I Program, Oregon
“As Steve Alkana focused his attention on Idaho, loan volume increased substantially. We have had an excellent experience working with Steve and applaud his efforts to make the program work even better.”
Daryl Moser, Director USDA B&I Program, Idaho
“We appreciate such champions to help grow the B&I Program. Steve brings high energy and enthusiasm to the market.”
Tuana Jones, Director USDA B&I Program, Washington

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